12 Pictures That Prove Posing With Sculptures

How well do you master the skill of posing with sculptures? Are you like Master Level or even Extreme Level? What? You didn’t think that posing with sculptures was ever a thing? It is! A big one! Just scroll down and be amazed at what these people thought of and then make your own plan of posing with a statue. Sculptures are not only meant to be admired and looked upon. They are meant for posing with them too. You just get in their game. It’s like in a movie, you’ve got to think of a scenario. It will come to you, don’t worry. It will come to you. Just mind the other people around like museum guards or that sort of people. I don’t think they’re happy if you borrow their sculptures for a state-of-art picture.

Just watch and learn!

Nose picking. Boss level.
Posing with sculptures at its best
Naughty Sculpture
Posing with sculptures. Too real to be true
“Don’t! I swear I’ll let you shit on my car!”
“What is that?” “The future!”
”She says she’ll be fun and then the next minute…”
”Here, I sent an e-mail in zen mode. No attachments!”
Master Level at posing with sculptures
“Dear, c’mon! I was only 5 minute late!”
”Here, I’ll help you, Little Rabbit!”
”Zeus is not in love with you. It’s a trap!”

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