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12 Adorable Biologically Accurate Animal Miniatures

Hungarian artist Fanni Sandor is a 39-year-old Fanni who creates adorable and meticulously detailed miniatures of animals that look just like the real thing. The artist is a biologist and has worked on various nature conservation projects in the past but has become a full-time miniaturist after having kids.

The artist says that she loved miniature things ever since she was a child and started making miniatures when she was just six years old. “In my twenties, I saw professional miniaturists’ work for the first time through the internet. I was completely fascinated,” recalled the artist. “I realized there are a lot of miniature lovers who live around the world, and some of them are making miniatures at an artistic level. That was the point when I decided I wanted to be a professional miniaturist and I wanted to make art with my works.”

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