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10 Times People Tried Baking Cakes And Got Hilariously Terrible Results

Cakes can get pretty expensive, especially when it comes to the fancier ones. And there’s a good reason for that – baking cakes is hard work. Not only does it require artistic skills but there’s some math involved as well, as even a little change in proportions can completely change the way a cake looks and tastes. But even knowing all of this doesn’t stop some people from trying to bake cakes at home – and they quickly realize they might have bitten off more than they can chew.

People who tried baking cakes at home are sharing the monstrosities they’ve created to the ‘Expectation Vs. Reality’ subreddit, and it’s every bit as hilarious as you would think. From mirror finish cakes that look like aspic to creepy Disney character cakes, check out the most hilarious cake baking fails in the gallery below!

#1 Tried A Mirror Glaze

#2 Belle Cake

#3 My Darth Maul Birthday Cake Ate Too Much Cake

#4 Well I Tried

#5 Merry Christmas Everyone!

#6 From A Kids Party To A Bachelorette Sorry Real Quick

#7 I Was In Rehab For Hard Drugs At 21, And This Is Still By Far The Biggest Failure Of My Life

#8 This Attempt At A Rainbow Crepe Cake

#9 Elsa Cake

#10 Elmo / Elmer

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