10 Most Useless Product Designs by Giuseppe Colarusso

The aim of a good product design is to pull in the customers with a nonthreatening design that seems inviting and easy to use. This definition does not fit with product designs in Giuseppe Colarusso’s series ‘Improbability’. He doesn’t have that kind of purpose anyways. Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso characterizes the items in his surreal photo manipulations of everyday objects. It is a collection of imaginary objects that are unlikely, but not impossible!
Giuseppe Colarusso says; “With these images I try to smile and think,” These product designs make you question the functionality and design of objects that usually blend into the background of our visual worlds.
Check out 10 Most Useless Product Designs by Giuseppe Colarusso. To see more, don’t forget to visit his official website.

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