10 Military Food Rations From All Around The World

Generally speaking, MRE’s (Meals, ready-to-eat), mostly used as military food rations, sound pretty great. After all, it’s a meal that’s supposed to stuff you up pretty good, comes in a compact package, and, most importantly, is pretty cheap – so what’s not to like? Well, even though it might sound pretty good in theory, the reality is a little bit different. And to show you just what kind of food soldiers have to eat every day, Filipino YouTuber David Hong has set out on a quest to try out different military MRE’s from all over the world.

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10 Military Food Rations From All Around The World

#1 Russia

Apple sauce; Pea stew; Meatball; Bacon in fat; Crackers; Rice with peas and meat; Cheese spread; Carrot and potato substance

#2 France

Terrine forestiere; Crackers; Chocolate, nougat and candy; Muesli, oats and fruits; Instant tomato soup; Braised ham; Crozets et diots

The YouTuber says he doesn’t have a favorite MRE since all of them are unique to their own nation, however, he added he really loved the Russian one as the food was pretty good and was the best seasoned. “The mini stove is also very cute when warming the entrees within their containers, as a civilian, I feel like camping when using it,” added David.

#3 United Kingdom

Muesli oats with milk; Sports drink, coffee and tea; Candy; Cranberry cereal bar; Fruit cake; Vegetarian pasta; Oatmeal cookie and hazelnut spread; Tomato pasta salad; Salted nuts.

#4 Germany

Hazelnut pudding; Rindfleischlyoner grob; Pea stew with mettwurstchen; Hackfleischrollchen with rice; Muesli, oats milk and fruits; Roggenschrotbrot; Cranberry cereal bar; Roggenschrotbrot; Dark chocolate; Crackers

David has tried living off of MRE’s for a while but says that the whole endeavor was a “fattening and a constipating” experience, and he wouldn’t recommend relying on these food rations not even for athletes.

#5 Italy

Breakfast: Biscuits; Chocolate; Jelly; Spoon; Coffee; Sugar; Salt. Lunch: Tortellini; Beef; Fruit salad; Biscuits; Coffee. Supper: Crackers; An entry bar; Tuna; Soup

#6 Poland

Tea; Coffee; Chicken casserole; Hardtack; Hard candies; Stick of gum; Honey; Condensed milk ; Pepper; Salt; Raisins

#7 U.S.

Marble pound cake; Skittles; Grape flavor energy drink; Crackers; Chili; Macaroni

#8 Canada

Hot chocolate; Orange drink; Coffee; Coffee creamer; Banana flavoured oatmeal cereal; Bread; Sliced apples; Baked beans; Ketchup; Peanut butter; Strawberry jam

#9 Kazakhstan

Biscuits; Tea bag; Jam; Pate; Squash; Rice; Corned beef with soup

#10 China

Cake; Fruit; Rice; Sausage; Hot Sauce

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