10 Incredible Parade Floats Inspired By Dutch Artist Hieronymus Bosch

The Bosch Parade is a floating parade inspired by Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch and held on the Dommel River in the Netherlands. To participate in the parade, artists from all over the country build incredibly detailed and creative floats featuring musical instruments, performances, and even fire shows. Organizers say that the festival “explores boundaries and moves away from the beaten tracks, so as to give new impulses to our cultural environment”, much like Bosch himself did back in the day. The next Bosch Parade will start on June 17, 2021, so make sure to free up your schedule because it’s quite a sight to see!

See the incredible floats from previous years’ parades in the gallery below!

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The Bosch Parade is a floating parade in the Netherlands inspired by Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch

Back in 2016, over 20,000 spectators came to watch this incredible floating performance.

“Bosch Parade wants to mobilise professional art to connect, inspire and surprise people, just like Jheronimus Bosch did 500 years ago – and still does,” say the organizers. “In this way, we enable all our spectators to perceive their surroundings as contemporary ‘Jheronimusses’, thus slightly transforming our world into a more authentic and social place to be.”

“The building blocks for the Bosch Parade ‘DNA’ are: originality, craftsmanship and power of expression.”

“Bosch Parade delivers fresh, surprising and contemporary works of art upholding very high artistic standards, supported and carried out by the people of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the province of North Brabant and civil society.”

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