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10 Incredible Female Cosplays

Cosplay is costume play- a performance where people dress up in costumes and makeup to play their favorite characters. We’ve compiled a list of the most amazing female cosplays out there- take a look!

Green Lantern

Take a look at this incredible cosplay by Jessica Cruz. Those eyes are amazing! We can just imagine staring into them for quite some time. Surfingthevoid created the outfit, whose real name is Priscylla but goes by her alias on Deviant Art. The 23-year-old describes herself as a lover of comics, a film nerd, and dreamer. This Green Lantern getup was made completely by hand, and the same goes for her makeup.


We also love this costume created by @enjinight. Talk about an impressive rendition of Superwoman. If she ever begins to shoot lasers out of those peepers, we will be 100% sold. Truly, this is one woman of steel. She must be the best cosplay artist we have ever seen. You will see more of her later in this article!


What you are looking at is an award-winning costume worn at the San Diego Comic Con 2018. You will find the cosplayer under the Instagram handle @magnetomystique. It looks like your cosplay is meant for greatness if it matches your username on the social media platform. We do not know if you have already caught on to it, but the lady is wearing a lycra body suit to bring mid-transformation Mystique to life. It is exactly like the outfit Jennifer Lawrence herself wears in the movies. Before her, the character was portrayed by Rebecca Romijn Stamos.

Joker and Harley Quinn

My, my, my. Don’t Ryoko-Demon and Rei-Doll look drop-dead gorgeous as Lady Joker and Harley Quinn? The Russian cosplayers have been pals since 2002 and teamed up to make R&R Art Group so that they can show off their skills and love for all the characters they love. Everything was made by hand. You need to check them out on Instagram, Facebook, Patreon, and YouTube. Trust us, you will adore them!

Daenerys Targaryen

Russian cosplayer Christina Fink is also known as Christina Filinka Fox. Her cosplaying talents are, in our opinion, unparalleled. Take a look at her as Daenerys! One of her posts as the Mother of Dragons even got over 18,000 likes. Feel free to make that figure even higher by following her on Instagram at @kalinkafox. We also want to clue you in on how beautiful she is as Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman!

Dr. Strange

Well, we doubt that you ever saw Dr. Strange look hotter than this. Rachel Meikle is the name of the stunning cosplayer. She is on both Deskgram and Instagram as @rachelmeiklecosplay. You will find other epic photos of the time she played Aurora and Cinderella. There was even a time when she played Spider Gwen during Colossal Con! She handmakes a lot of her outfits and gets very creative with the found object she incorporates into the outfits.


Oh My Sophii is a cosplayer from the United Kingdom. She is no stranger to the scene and credits a pal called Cissa for kicking off her love of the craft by taking her to a con in 2009. She has not stopped since then! The costume is incredible, but you have to see her in other getups! She likes to focus on anime, comics, and video game characters. She is even hotter than hell when she is wearing leather outfits. The bad news is that she is off the market, and her husband is even her photographer. Oh well, the least we can do is to thank him for taking incredible shots of her wife. You can see more of her on @OhMySophii.

The Bride

If you thought that it was hard to dress up as the Bride from Kill Bill, you were mistaken. You can just get this outfit from the clothing store Sugarpuss. You can get the entire thing for less than $150, and the shorts are probably the best part about it. It does not come with the sword, although you can buy it separately. Anyway, this lycra banana yellow jacket is simply heavenly. This would not have been as stunning if it were not for those lovely, steely eyes. The model must have been born to play the Bride!


Sutefanii Roozu is one prolific cosplay enthusiast. Her costumes are always perfect, and she is nothing short of gorgeous in any outfit. It is a full-time gig for her, and we are glad that everything is going well. Her website shows her incredible portfolio, where she lists down 30 or so sponsor relationships. The industry is no primrose path, so it is impressive that she has made a career out of it! We bet it helps that she is drop-dead gorgeous. The Deadpool outfit below was part of a Fractured Photography photo shoot. What else can we possibly say about seeing her in a tight shiny red leather outfit?

Captain America

No, she is no Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She is simply a smoking hot cosplayer dressed up as a female Captain America. You can do this yourself if you were so inclined! It is a body suit outfit that only needed short shorts and white boots to finish the look. If you wanted to know, this full-body costume is sublime. A lovely cosplayer wearing a skintight outfit works even better than a couple cups of Joe. That front zipper is also quite impressive. Now, this is a true patriot!

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