10 Eye-Opening Illustrations By John Holcroft

There are numerous things wrong with today’s society, yet somehow we’ve gotten so accustomed to them, we barely even notice them anymore. Wars, global pandemics, government surveillance – it almost seems like it’s the norm nowadays. However, there are still people out there who make sure we don’t forget about all the wrong things that are going on around us – and one of them is artist John Holcroft.

The artist creates satirical and eye-opening illustrations about the modern society and you’ll be surprised by their accuracy. The man has been working as an illustrator since 1996 and his works have been featured in numerous publications, including Telegraph, Guardian, and Times.

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#1 Illustration About Mental Health At A Time Of Social Isolation

#2 One Day This Will Be Yours

#3 Enough Said

#4 A Piece About The Fight Against Climate Change

#5 President

#6 Social Media Can Have A Negative Influence On Teenagers’ Self Esteem, Giving Them A False Impression Of How A Body Should Look

#7 This Illustration Is Going To Lose Me Some Followers

#8 Profiting From The Causes Of Climate Change

#9 Making Money

#10 Housing Magazine Article About Asylum Seekers Being Evicted And Having The Locks Changed

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