10 Crazy Modified Muscle Cars

While muscle cars usually respond quite well to modifications, these 10 prove that some owners should just leave their rides stock.

Muscle cars have long had an appeal for how well they can be modified. Owners love to fiddle with the engines, increase their power and performance, and let these cars take off even better. They also love spicing them up with wraps, paint jobs, and additions, often looking like popular movie or TV cars. In most cases, it works out nicely to stand out from the crowd. Sadly, in many other cases, the mods not only look bad but outright ruin these cars.

It’s astounding how someone can own a beautiful muscle car then ruin it with some stunningly bad mods. It’s not just a bad paint job. They will alter the car’s body and mar what makes it work in the first place.

tSome mods aren’t just foolish but genuinely damaging for the vehicle. Here are ten modified muscle cars most drivers would be embarrassed to be seen in, proving how messing with perfection never ends well.

10-Up Periscope

There’s a disturbing trend of muscle car owners to think adding some large items onto the hood of the car is a good idea.

In this case, a Camarao SS has either a very complex air filter or some sort of periscope fused to the front where the driver has to crane their head around to see the road ahead is. Not to mention it simply looks incredibly ugly and ruins one of the better muscle cars around.

9-Not So Cool

The “exposed intercoolers” trend has been popular for some muscle car modifiers. But someone took it way too far. It looks for all the world like an air conditioning unit fell out of a window, landed into the hood of the car, and the owner just left it there.

Spray-painting “Drive” onto the radiator doesn’t help either. This is a hazardous modification to expose the radiator and make this too hot a ride to try.

8-Bad Biking

This is just baffling on multiple levels. First, there is way too cladding on this Mustang, weighing it down, covering vital vents and airways, and is just ugly. The carbon fiber is all too much as is the choice of wheels and hood tie-downs.

But the big one is the bike. Why in the world would anyone think welding a bike to the hood and roof was a good idea? It can’t even be removed, it blocks the view, a considerable distraction, and simply looks stupid. This mod is a wipeout.

7-High Roller

Few modifications are as loathed as “Donks.” For some reason, owners think putting the car up on a large frame on top of oversized tires makes it look better. They are very wrong.

A Camaro is meant to run smoothly thanks to its low frame and stance. Having it on top of two ridiculously huge tires makes it harder to handle curves and slows it down. The “donk” craze really needs to die out soon.

6-Stacking Mess

The idea of the engine/exhaust put up on the hood isn’t too bad in theory. Too bad the owner of this Pontiac GTO went way too far with it. Having the engine stacked up is stupid as it exposes it to the elements and thus causes long-term damage.

There’s also how it blocks the driver’s view and weighs the front end down too much. There is nothing fast or furious about stacking an engine block like this.

5-Jacked Up

The red-white-and-blue coloring for this GMC Sprint is already ugly as rather than patriotic, it looks like an ice cream bar. However, much more appalling is adding an eight-foot-high spoiler and truck wheels to it.

The spoiler alone is ridiculous as it blocks the rearview and too easy to catch onto something. The huge tires also weigh the car down too much to get to high speeds. It’s a bizarre combination that makes this mod a mess.

4-Not Very Hot Wheels

Clearly, the owner of this Corvette Stingray is a Hot Wheels buff and wanted to make a real-life version. Sadly, he ruined a perfectly good muscle car in the process. The greatest crime is chopping down that beautiful front headlight section to resemble a ’90s Ford Crown Brick.

Instead of easily sliding, the air gets trapped at the front to drag the speed down, which ruins the point of owning a Stingray. The loud flames add to it as proof Hot Wheels are meant to be toys.

3-Iron Dud

It’s obvious the owner of this Mustang was trying to emulate Iron Man with the color and tone. Just like many comic book costumes, what looks good on paper falls flat in real life. The odd vent by the rear window looks like it is part of a garage door that hardly helps maintain a cool climate.

Instead of looking bold and sure, the colors are a hodgepodge that would turn heads and not in a good way. Even Tony Stark would refuse to drive this mess.

2-A True F-Grade

An F-Body is a stylish muscle car with its unique frame and an excellent drive. It’s one of the better modern muscle machines and not too hard to modify.

Sadly, the owner of this model decided the best idea was to elongate it and add a few odd touches, so the front end looks like a rabbit. The white color doesn’t help either as this mars the car’s performances. This definitely gets an F grading.

1-Not So Magical

“Why?” That’s all one can say when seeing what this owner did to a 1968 Mustang. One of the most beautiful muscle cars ever created is transformed into a reject from a bad 1980s kids cartoon.

Darrin Sullivan Vince openly calls this a “Unistang” as he crafted it for a 2017 Pride Parade. It was eventually auctioned for charity, which is nice but doesn’t make up for treating such a beautiful car with such a horrible design.


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