10 Coolest Pics Of Stanced Luxury Cars

10 Coolest Pics Of Stanced Luxury Cars That Look Surprisingly Good

The whole stance trend certainly isn’t for everyone, but these stanced luxury cars do look surprisingly good.

fully built sports sedan is one of the best modes of transportation on the roads today. They handle nearly as well as a stock sports car, they transport four or more adults in comfort, and they’re capable of speeds far in excess of any SUV or truck. They sip fuel compared to one of those bigger vehicles too, unless you drive passionately everywhere. What’s great is that on top of all those lovely qualities is that they can be built to look amazing.

Stancing a sedan isn’t wildly tough but managing to do it tastefully is another matter altogether. Today, we look at ten of the most beautifully built super sports sedans on the planet. No matter what your personal tastes are, these ten are truly well done. Their style and attention to detail are examples of what true automotive customization is all about. Let’s dig in!

10-Lexus GS430

The GS is one of the best cars Lexus and by extension, Toyota has ever built and while the camber here is a smidge excessive to my eye personally, you can’t fault them for going full JDM.

What’s more, is that this car looks about as clean as you could possibly get and that’s tough to maintain in a place like North Carolina where the car is from. Rust is a major worry out there and even the exhaust tips look like they’re in like-new condition. The subtle touches like the side skirts and lip spoiler are fantastic too.

9-BMW 740il

Oh, this 740 is about as perfect as a 740 can get. Take a look at that perfectly maintained paint and body with updated modern headlights that still pay homage to the original design.

Then drink in the exceptional tire and wheel package and how perfectly they’ve been tucked under some lovely rolled fender flares. There’s only one problem with this BMW and that’s that it’s simply too beautiful to risk driving it everywhere all the time.

8-Cadillac CTS-V

On the opposite side of the coin, this CTS-V has been built to be everything you could possibly need. Yes, it’s stanced and features beautifully tucked wheels and tires but take in the other subtle details.

That rear fender has had some serious work to fit the tire, the roof rack with the surfboard, the front chin spoiler, and of course the power bulge hiding that monstrous Corvette engine under the hood. Amazing combination of features.

7-Hyundai Equus

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Equus is the best performance luxury sedan bargain on the market today and there’s no rival even close.

This one has been fully customized with lowering springs, side skirts, and a camber kit. This is a clever way to get around having to roll the fenders because the wheel manages to fit without that extra work.

6-Jaguar XJR

Many people forget about the Jaguar XJR in that, it was built to go up against the M5 and the E55 AMG. Despite a sincere effort it never really matched either car in terms of clout but this particular example makes up for any deficiency there.

Jaguars have always seemed to be the bad guy’s car in movies and this one takes that idea and pushes it further forward with a wheel and tire package that almost looks like it could’ve been from a concept Jaguar and the slides them up into the fenders perfectly.

5-Infiniti Q50

The Q50 is a shockingly good car. It matches those good driving characteristics with exceptional exterior styling and this owner has taken it to the max with perfectly stanced wheels that only accentuate the good looks.

What I think really sets it off is the finish of the wheels that draw attention but aren’t gaudy or overly flashy. They’re clearly special but they’re not shouty about it.

4-Audi A4 Avant

Perhaps the boldest choice here, this Audi didn’t tuck the wheels and tires, it went full-on widebody to ensure even better handling.

3-Mercedes Benz S124 E-Class

What a killer combination of classic good looks with modern mechanical innovation. This Mercedes E-Class is perfectly suited for going about your business every day without garnering too much attention.

The only people who will notice your vehicle are those that will appreciate the beautifully stanced situation going on with this German saloon.

2-Porsche Panamera

When the Panamera arrived people hated the looks and today that hasn’t really stopped. It’s one of the most polarizing vehicles ever and this stanced version is only going to be even more polarizing.

The combination here is fantastic though. Red and gold look amazing together, and they’re perfect on this four-door Porsche. It even has some really special bumpers both front and rear to make it even more unique.

1-Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

If you want to upset some folks bring this down to the next Concours De Elegance. With a seriously modified body, this Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow is all about hurting feelings.

It’s not just all about looks either, the 6.7-liter V8 has been remapped and the rear differential locked to provide the driver with every drifty dream he could possibly imagine come true. This thing is everything that the average Rolls owner hates.

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