Flying cars are an old dream of mankind, which already ceases to be just a dream. Over the past ten years, enthusiasts have created several tens of really working flying cars. Moreover, there are small companies that design and create flying cars to order. And this means that anyone can feel like James Bond right now. It is noteworthy that the cost of real flying cars is in the range from $ 300 thousand to $ 3.5 millions, depending on its capabilities. In our review, we’ve collected 10 real flying cars of 2019 with photos and features.

So, you thought flying cars were only in movies? Not any more. With technology, there are no limitations as to where the human brain can reach. As of now, it can reach the skies on a day to day basis. The roads are congested everywhere and increasing consumption of fuel and metals is making roads of the major cities of the world just too cramped for cars! Airspace is severely underutilized. Conventional modes of flight are irregular, are expensive, and severely polluting. Flying cars are going to be expensive, at least in the beginning, and beyond the reach of an average person. Nevertheless, these are really cool, would take a lot of load off the roads, and would go a long way in cutting down on emissions.


Here is a list of the 10 coolest flying cars out there which you might give a thought to, if you can afford them. No charges for nurturing the desire to take your family on a personal sky trip, or to go on that all-important business meeting via the sky!


With its Dutch engineering and Italian design, it is one of the best products of Europe. Designed to seat 2 people, it has a maximum take-off weight of 910 kg and can fly at the rate of 160 km/h. The 100 hp supercar can cover a maximum range of 500 kilometers, with the fuel lasting for 4.3 hours at maximum capacity. The Pal-V being a gyroplane, the blades of the car are powered by the wind, meaning that they will rotate as long as there is wind. While the idea first struck the makers in 1999, 2017 marked the public launch of PAL-V Liberty, And the keys would be handed over to the first customers in 2020.


This is not a mere flying car, but a collapsible one. Meaning that it is not only fit for airstrips – grassy or paved – a few hundred meters long, but also perfectly legal for the road, so that you can drive it on regular gasoline and fit it into any standard parking space. How cool is that! The advanced 3.0 version is a modification of the previous 2.5 version which enables it to take off at 90 mph. It has a range of 430 miles and a fuel consumption rate of 15 liters/hour in the flight mode. Its sleek design and its easy operability have made it one of the eagerly watched flying cars, although the company hasn’t announced any official target for a commercial launch.


With the help of just a push button, you can convert a car into a flying plane. Yes, that is the Terrafugia TRANSITION for you. While on the ground, it is a futuristic car, takes off like a helicopter, and when in the sky, it behaves like a plane. The best bit is that this car doesn’t come with the problem of hangar storage, or ground transportation and aviation fuel for that matter. You can store it in your home garage, and use automotive gas to move it around. Terrafugia conducted the first flight test recorded for cars that fly in 2006. A very cool feature of this aircraft is that the flight technology is fully automated. It has its propulsion system powered by 8 motors. Also, unlike the crafts featuring here, this is a 4 seater. It can carry up to 635 kgs in its cargo design cabin. The company plans to make it fully electrically driven as the technology progresses.


With this flying car, you can experience the sky up close and personal, thanks to its excellent durability and stability. Special attention has been paid to keeping this lightweight, but not at the cost of style and comfort. In fact, this car among the flying cars has a special reputation for being the luxurious vehicle it is, with seats that provide the best experience to two people. It comes with an advanced automotive crash structure design and occupant restraint systems. Not only that, but it also features a ballistic recovery parachute for the entire vehicle.


This car is slated to hit the market in 2019, but the best bit is it is going to come at the price of an SUV! And when it comes from a company partially backed by Larry Page who has been supposed to be tinkering with the prototype for quite some time now, you know that you are in for a treat. Unlike some of the models mentioned above though, the BlackFly does not behave exactly like a car on the road though, as it has to be carried by a pair of carts while on the roads. Also, it has the capacity to seat only one person averaging 6.5 feet in height and weighing 250 lbs. Not quite the flying car treat, but it is affordable and conceivable, unlike most of the other flying cars for sale mentioned in this list. It is designed to take off and land vertically and can fly at a maximum speed of 62 mph. Without recharging the onboard battery, it can fly for about 25 miles. In the U.S., it can fly only over non-congested areas.


This flying car has been around for the longest among the ones on this list, having been put together sometime around in the early 2000s. However, this car is not fly-legal, meaning that in its present form it is not FAA certified. And while Moller spent $150 million in developing this car, it is now available on eBay for $5 million. Also, anyone wishing to buy this must remember that this car has never been actually flown and at best has hovered in the air while being tethered to a crane at the height of 15 feet. At present, this car can be bought as a curiosity piece for hardcore car and technology enthusiasts who can afford it. The company has put this car up for sale in order to overcome some of its financial difficulties, and there is no possibility at present for the car to have further developments.


This is one of the few flying cars to be awarded a government subsidy, which happened in 2016 when the German government awarded it half a million Euros in subsidy. In May 2017 it became one of the few automobiles to receive a reserve funding from Federal Economics Ministry. And in September, the company presented its latest developments at the International Automobile Show in Frankfurt before presenting it in Beijing in November. What sets the Carplane apart from the others is that it is a convergence product, meaning that it is designed to handle all kinds of usage, private and commercial. This flying car takes road emissions very seriously, and is designed to prevent causing noise pollution. The critical parts are designed to be protected from folding or reduction or exposure damages.


The Samson Switchblade comes with a design that makes it very efficient for practical everyday use. Yes, you read that right. Flying at the rate of 200 mph and capable of flying up to a height of 13,000 feet, it becomes flight ready in just under 3 minutes. In addition to seating 2 people, it can accommodate 100 pounds of luggage, features a wide cabin and has the power-to-weight ratio of a 2017 Corvette. It also comes with its own heating and air conditioning to make all weather conditions enjoyable for you. For driving, it has a 5-speed transmission, and its wings and tails are extendable and perfectly protected while you are driving it on the road. You can go for a customized switchboard if you want to.


At a maximum flight speed of 100 km/h, you can cruise above the sea level for the duration of 25 minutes. The maximum altitude you can reach on the Ehang 184 is 500 metres, with the battery charging time of 1 hour. A cool feature of this flying car is that it comes with a downward facing camera, making it very suitable for scientific and investigation purposes. That is also aided by flashlights and signal lights. There is some space for storage for this one seater, which can have a 128-inch backpack, with a rated payload of 100 kgs.