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10 Cats And Their Human Doppelgangers By Gerrard Gethings

They say that pets tend to resemble their owners – after all, they spend most of their free time hanging out with us, so it’s only natural. However, if you’re still not convinced, just wait until you see London-based photographer Gerrard Gethings’ project called Do You Look Like Your Cat?.

In his latest project, the photographer took side-by-side portraits of cats and their owners to show their similarities, and their resemblance is uncanny.

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#1 Do You Look Like Your Cat

#2 Nancy And Buttons (Scottish Fold)

Gerrard says it was very challenging to find cats with enough variation to keep the series interesting and that he covered most of England to shoot them. “Unlike the dogs, simply finding the cats wasn’t enough, I then had to convince them to take part,” said the photographer. “On more than one occasion I drove for hours, set up my equipment, and then the cat refused to play ball. I simply had to pack up and go home feeling very deflated.”

Photographing cats proved to be more difficult than Gerrard thought as they would often run off as soon as he pointed a camera at them. “Another huge challenge was that cats don’t have the same amount of facial expressions as dogs. They tend to look either startled, suspicious, or angry. They also don’t react to food like dogs, who will do absolutely anything for a piece of cheese,” joked the photographer.

#3 Marielle And Jacques (Silver Maine Coon)

#4 Gunther And Albert (Exotic Longhair)

“I had to use more physical clues in this series. Many of the cats would enjoy playing with toys which led to some great body shapes: the boxing cat and the dancing cat for example,” continued Gerrard. “The main difference between cats and dogs seems to be that dogs are very willing to please you. They are also greedy, which helps immensely. Cats on the other hand are quite suspicious of new things. They also have constant access to food, so are not driven by it in the same way dogs are.” According to the photographer, most of the time cats needed to be tricked into taking part.

Check out more photos from the series below!

#5 Tobias And Hero (Moggy)

#6 Matthew And Hubert (Abyssinian)

#7 Arlo And Buttercup (Cream Persian)

#8 Dominic And Merlin (Blue Tabby Maine Coon)

#9 Do You Look Like Your Cat

#10 Do You Look Like Your Cat

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