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10 Car Owners That Had The Worst Day

If you think a flat tire or a check engine light is the worst thing that could happen to your car, you couldn’t be further from the truth. And if you’re not convinced, today we have a collection of unfortunate car fails, that will make every car owner cringe.

People over at the r/Wellthatsucks/ subreddit are sharing their worst car-related fails, and you’ll be surprised by the amount of things that can go wrong simply by driving. From locking your keys inside an armored car to having your wheels fall off while driving, check out all the instances where car owners had the worst day in the gallery below!

#1 Newly Wedded In Front Of Their Burning Car

#2 A Truck Carrying A Tank Of White Paint Dropped It On The Road

#3 It’s Not Just Junk Flying Out Of Your Truck. It Could Be Someone’s Life. Secure Your Load – As If Someone You Love Is Driving Behind You

#4 Picked My Car Up From The Mechanic Yesterday After Having A Bunch Of Things Replaced Totalling $2100 Just To Have Burst Into Flames On Me This Morning. I’m Too Poor For This S***!

#5 I Never Thought Lighting Could Strike A Car

#6 Someone Appears To Have Lost Their Focus…

#7 When You’re Out For A Nice Sunday Drive

#8 A Boulder Fell On My In-Laws Car In Idyllwild CA

#9 Mclaren Inside A Dealership Gets Hit By A Loose Truck Wheel

#10 This Happened To My Car Today!

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