10 Best Upcoming MMORPG Mobile Games Of 2020-2021

We’ve updated our upcoming MMORPG mobile 2020-2021 list! A number of games previously included have already been launched but as time ticks on, more exciting titles are being revealed that make us forward to experience these games even more. Here, we will look at more upcoming mobile MMORPG titles that are expected to launch in 2020 and those that have previously been revealed but has yet to be in service. This list now includes the titles that have been announced during the 2nd quarter of 2020-2021! Let’s check them out!

Upcoming MMORPG Mobile Games List

Before we dive into the detail, here we look at the upcoming mobile MMORPG titles that are expected to launch in 2020 and beyond. This list includes some of the most anticipated titles of the gaming community.

  • V4 (Victory 4)
  • Noah’s Heart
  • Gran Saga
  • Icarus M
  • Cabal M (Thailand)
  • Diablo: Immortal
  • Ragnarok Origin (KR)
  • Blade and Soul 2
  • Warhammer: Odyssey
  • Aion 2

1-V4 (Victory 4)

Nexon’s latest flagship mobile MMORPG announced and teased by Nexon back in G-Star 2018. The game is developed by NAT Games, the same devs behind Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT) and OVERHIT, both of which became massively popular. V4 stands for “Victory For” where the latter word is meant to be for you, the player, and the goals waiting for you to be accomplished in the game. There will be 6 playable classes namely the knight, magician, blader, gunslinger, warlord, and axler. Other features include 5 camera modes for different viewing, trade system, life content, party system, guilds, and a unique system the devs call an Inter-Server, a key feature in V4 where players from different servers can engage in different PVE and PVP modes.

V4 (Victory 4)

V4 is developed using Unreal Engine 4, and the game itself is quite large with many systems. Hence, it is not a low-spec mobile game. The device required for the game is at least a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Apple iPhone 7. This is the requirement for seamless gameplay, though phones with lower specs can still play the game at a lower graphical setting. Pre-registration for V4 started on June 25, 2020.

2-Noah’s Heart

Archosaur Games recently announced Noah’s Heart, a seamless open world mobile MMORPG that is powered by Unreal Engine 4. The story involves humans living in a post-civilization virtual world called Noah which was constructed by a mysterious entity known as the Cube. This jumping-off point gives humans the opportunity to explore a potential future path within a world that combines romantic fantasy, steampunk style, and more to learn of the Cube’s secrets and discover the future of mankind.

Noah’s Heart

Players can build relationships with NPCs across the globe, and conversations may end up triggering particular incidents or give players information that can help them along their journey. Aside from the main quest, side missions that can also branch out depending on the player’s decisions will become a staple in the game and bolstering its playable content. For example, players may choose to keep certain characters alive during a limited-time rescue mission, resulting in the story progressing in different directions based on that choice. Once a choice is made, there’s no going back. Noah’s Heart is planned for release on mobile devices in 2021. 

3-Gran Saga

Announced back in 2019, Gran Saga is a cross-platform MMO for mobile and PC. It is developed by NPIXEL, a team comprised of developers who made the worldwide hit, Seven Knights. Players will take on the role of the Knights, characters in the game that seek to stop the curse of an evil dragon. Gran Saga’s gameplay will focus on action and deep story telling. Its visuals are stunning with triple A graphics, beautifully designed characters and environment, and charming anime-styled characters, all thanks to it being made with Unreal Engine 4.

Gran Saga

Gran Saga will also introduce a unique feature called the gran weapon system. So far, there are 20 different weapons revealed that will provide different play styles and tactics for players to learn, and master. These can be in the form of hammers, turrets, staffs, claws, and many more. NPIXEL aims to give the game a deep and intriguing storyline, something modern games sorely lack and what most developers seem to forget as a very vital component for a successful game. Gran Saga is expected to launch in South Korea sometime before 2020 ends.

4-Icarus M

Valofe is finally releasing Icarus M to the rest of the world in 2020. The once prosperous Acryon civilization, being the frontline of defense against the threat of the Fallen Legion is now on the verge of collapse until two heroes symbolizing the Sun and the Moon sealed evil Zelnaris and stopping his army once and for all. Peace may have come for a long time, but the dark energy surrounding the Demonic Stone has now corrupted and engulfed others into doing it’s bidding. Salant, a follower of Zelnaris, is now on a mission to free his master and bring darkness back into the world. This is where your journey starts. 

Icarus M

Icarus M offers a variety of classes including the gladiator, artist, wizard, ranger, and assassin. You can perform combos, Charge Attacks, and Familiar Link Attacks. Familiar are the pets in the game. Choose from hundreds of diverse familiars you can tame in the world of Icarus M. Other features include the usual PVP and PVP content. Of course, the special feature that sets Icarus M apart is its aerial combat system. Take to the skies and defeat your enemies up high. Icarus M has just been recently announced during the 2nd quarter of 2020 so updates are a bit scarce right now.

5-Cabal M (Thailand)

Lucky Thailand will be getting Cabal M localized first for their country. The game is an action MMORPG mobile adaptation of the hit PC game of the same name. The popular skill combo system will be returning to the mobile adaptation which will see your chain link powerful attacks to defeat numerous enemies. Fan-favorite classes will also be present along with their astral transformations (remember the dual-wielding archer?) 

Cabal M (Thailand)

Of course, the usual PVE and PVP modes are present, especially the guild and faction wars. Since the game is now scheduled to launch in Thailand, we can assume the rest of Southeast Asia will be getting the game as well but if it will happen within 2020 remains to be seen.

6-Diablo: Immortal

The controversial Diablo Immortal has a mix bag of haters and people who are absolutely on the edge to play the game, waiting for it to launch, although the hate it received was due to the high expectation that Diablo IV was going to be announced at the previous Blizzcon 2018 event, and the fact that western regions haven’t fully embraced mobile gaming as Asia does. After its announcement, the updates on the game went radio silent until it resurfaced back in Blizzcon 2019 with a crap ton of updates that includes more previous playable characters, dungeons and maps, skill set previews and many more.

Diablo: Immortal

Co-developed by Blizzard Entertainment and Netease Games, Diablo Immortal is the mobile adaptation of the highly acclaimed Diablo PC RPG franchise. Set between the events of Diablo 2 and 3, players will embark on a dark and epic journey through a ravaged world deprived of the World Stone. The denizens of hell are still at large and a new threat that commands their legion has surfaced. It’s up to you to choose your class and keep the evil at bay. In essence, Diablo immortal will stay true to its dungeon-crawling origins but will have more focus on teaming up and conquering stages with your friends and other players. A Netease representative has said that the game is pretty much finished and that Blizzard is the only one who is still hesitating to release it. Probably because they want to polish the game more as much as they can. Blizzard, after all, is notorious for perfecting their games before release.

There is no date yet as to when Diablo Immortal will launch but it’s expected to release some time in 2020.

7-Ragnarok Franchise

If you’ve been following mobile gaming news as of late, then you’d know by now that, Gravity, Ragnarok Online’s mother company has several Ragnarok themed games coming out, some directly from them, and others that are licensed titles from other publishers. And there several of them. The market is actually now oversaturated by too many RO games for one gamer’s taste. We’ll take a look at 3 upcoming MMOs that are actually worth looking forward to.

  • Ragnarok M: First Love (CN) – Tencent’s own version of Ragnarok Online and one that is highly anticipated by RO fans since, one its Tencent, and two it’s supposed to be leagues better than the current Eternal Love in terms of overall graphics, aesthetics, gameplay, performance, and player support. Characters are more chibi than the original RO but it doesn’t lose the iconic designs everyone came to know. It will also have a 360° open world, dynamic lighting effects, and weather system. The game has already undergone several CBTs in China and is currently slated to launch in 2021 albeit no specific date.
Ragnarok Franchise

Ragnarok Origin (KR) – AAnother mobile MMO from Gravity that is touted as the real revival of RO Online, now made with newer technology the company has at their disposal. Aside from the newer 3D graphics, Origins will have a bigger and wider map as well as the addition of the Life system that includes fishing, mining, gardening, and many more. Ragnarok Origin was revealed during G-Star 2019 and now the game is officially launched on July 7, 2020, in South Korea.

8-Blade and Soul 2

Blade and Soul 2 – Another official sequel to the original PC title. The events of the first Blade and Soul has now become myths, tales of legend from a past long gone. But the journey still continues. A brand new uncharted territory never before seen by anyone has been discovered and new adventurers have risen to take on these new lands. The game will continue the stylish action and aesthetics of the original BnS and will have modern features that will feat the mobile gaming platform.

Blade and Soul 2

Blade and Soul S – If BnS2 is the sequel then this one is the prequel. BnSS will explore the events that happened before the original PC Blade and Soul. The game will be an open-world mobile MMO with cute chibi character designs while the gameplay will focus more on team play and PvP. There will be several story plots that will be explored in the BnSS especially about the familiar characters players once encountered in the original game.

Blade and Soul M – Blade and Soul M aims to port the original PC version on mobile but this time, players can forge their own path in the game and become legends in their own right. It will be set in an open world based on the original continent where BnS takes place. Team Bloodlust, the original developers of the PC version will be creating the game and the legendary Hyung-Tae Kim, the visual artist behind Blade and Soul’s aesthetics will be returning as well.

9-Warhammer: Odyssey

Warhammer: Odyssey is a 3D mobile MMORPG that is scheduled to arrive on Android and iOS devices, supposedly sometime in 2020. Players will be able to explore iconic locations of the Warhammer Fantasy World. The plot of the game revolves around Morrslieb, the Chaos Moon that is growing larger in the skies above the Old World. Under its influence, the doomsayers haunt the city streets and those evil creatures who would see the race of men fall are becoming bolder. But all is not lost! Those mighty heroes that stand against the darkness and Chaos which threatens the world have come together once again, honoring pacts and you, as the player, is one of them.

Warhammer: Odyssey

Warhammer fans are used to seeing the franchise tackle a futuristic world but this game will explore a time before all those science mumbo jumbo. The game has no official release date yet but their official social media page is really active in posting updates and previews about what’s been going on on the development side of things, something fans and eager players highly appreciate. Right now they’re showing previews for playable classes like the high mage, warrior priest, engineer, shadow warrior, slayer, witch, and hunter. The developers promised that Warhammer: Odyssey will have constant developments and expand over regular episodic updates.

10-Aion 2

Aion 2 – It will serve as a sequel to the original PC MMO, but this time, it’ll be released for mobile. Set 900 years before the two races of Asmodians and Elyos raged war with each other, the game will retain much of Aion’s game features, especially the free flight system where you can fly wherever you want in the game.

Aion 2

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