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The 2019 Funny Wildlife Photography

Now, if you want to delight your eyes with some of the funniest wild animals on the planet, just scroll down for the 2019 nominees. We selected 20 of them, courtesy of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards and the photographs’ authors. We know you’ll find yourself wondering what those animals …

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20 Funny and Crazy Warrior Birds

Funny and Crazy Warrior Birds you need to see today. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it and you’ll be begging for more. Now, why would a bird want to have arms instead of wings? These little things that we call arms are useful, it’s true, but when you have …

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15 Funny Astonished Animals

Sometimes you see something that makes your jaw drop in surprise, clearly the same thing happens to animals too. There are many ways to surprise your furry friends, like walking in on your dog when he’s in the middle of devouring the trash, or your favorite pair of shoes. You …

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