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7 Surreal Portraits Cal Redback Treebeard

Cal Redback is a French photographer and retoucher based in Paris. In the series titled Treebeard, Redback manipulates the series of portraits he has taken with double exposure as sensations and implanting plants into people’s faces. The effect is haunting and striking. You can see Cal’s original Behance series and …

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10 Interesting and Creative Benches

Have you ever seen a bench that you don’t want to sit on because it’s so beautiful? Some designers can turn ordinary street benches into masterpieces that attract people from all over the world. The good side is inspired by the way some people see things that are normal and …

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Spectacular Frozen Crashing Wave Glass Vessels

Ever wondered what getting trapped in the middle of a tall wave would feel like? Ever missed the salty spray of the ocean on your face in your uptown penthouse and your fast paced life? Inspired by these emotions and their love for ocean waves, California based sculptors Paul DeSomma …

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