Japanese Mom Creates Beautiful Food Art Using Fried Eggs

Every parent will tell you that children can be very picky about the food they eat and sometimes you have to go out of your way to make them eat a certain meal. But even if you tried to create various broccoli and baby carrot arrangements just so your child eats a vegetable, this Japanese mother of three has got you beat.

The Tokyo woman, known online as Etoni Mama, turns fried eggs into incredible pieces of art for her three daughters. There’s even a name for these intricate food arrangements – kyaraben. Kyaraben is a Japanese art of arranging the contents of a lunchbox to resemble pop culture characters, animals and plants.

Etoni was encouraged to share her food arrangements online by her coworker and has amassed over 111k followers on her Instagram. Check out her incredible food art in the gallery below!


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